Sticky Notes - Introducing "Recipe Box Now"!
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Introducing "Recipe Box Now"!

January 18, 2023 by Emily Moore
I just won a contest where you had to guess the recipe that contains flour, eggs, milk, vanilla and baking powder
It was a piece of cake.


We’ve been creating original recipes every week at Sticky Fingers Cooking for more than 11 years. As a result, we have thousands of original recipes and every single one of them is kid-tested and kid-approved!


We got to thinking: why not gather up all those recipes, related cultural, historical, and geographic information, nutrition tidbits, and some really bad jokes – and put them all together into a FREE RESOURCE for families and kids everywhere?


Today, after more than two years in the making, we’re excited to introduce “Recipe Box Now!”
Your one-stop shop for fun, kid-friendly recipes. We hope it will inspire you to cook at home with your family! 


We’re starting with 300 recipes and our team is adding more every week – create a profile to save your family’s favorites!

Use filters to find your way to what interests you.
  • School report on Japan? Kids can search recipes by region, read about key ingredients, and learn what it’s like to be a kid in another country.
  • Need a kid-approved breakfast for a sleepover? Search by "Meal Type".



We’re thrilled to share “Recipe Box Now!” with you today and hope it inspires many hours of cooking and learning for your family. And stay tuned – there’s always more to come!

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