Sticky Notes - Stirring Up Success: Introducing Victoria Jones, Sticky Fingers Cooking's Newest Franchise Owner!
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Stirring Up Success: Introducing Victoria Jones, Sticky Fingers Cooking's Newest Franchise Owner!

February 8, 2024 by Emily Moore

Victoria Jones: Stirring Up Success with Sticky Fingers Cooking® in Sunny San Diego

  • Knock, Knock Who's there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce introduce Victoria, our latest Sticky Fingers Cooking® franchise owner!

Victoria Jones, a 40-year-old mother of two in San Diego, California, is poised to leverage her passions and talents to bring new enrichment opportunities to children in her community. With a background in education and a deep love for teaching, her next chapter is simmering at Sticky Fingers Cooking®.

For 16 years, Victoria dedicated herself to public and private education, wearing multiple hats as a teacher, coach, and administrator. Her experience instilled in her a deep affection for working with young minds and a desire to create fresh learning experiences for children. But she was ready to set out on her own and, knowing the work involved in starting a business from scratch as well as the high failure rate of small businesses during their first 5 years, she was set on buying a franchise. So, in October 2023, Victoria attended the Franchise Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, California. 

Victoria recalls, “After speaking with a few franchise brands, I found the Sticky Fingers Cooking® booth and immediately knew there was great potential for a partnership! After 30 days of prayer, sharing my excitement with family and friends, and countless emails between the corporate team and myself, I knew that this business model and business purpose was for me!”

Victoria purchased a territory in San Diego and underwent training at Sticky Fingers Cooking headquarters in Denver in early 2024. Soon, she’ll open her business and begin offering classes to local children. It’s a smart move – San Diego County serves nearly half a million students across 780 schools, making it an ideal location for enrichment classes.

An avid cook herself, Victoria found a natural connection with Sticky Fingers Cooking. Their family places great importance on cooking and sharing meals, managing to do so 3-4 times a week. And as a mother of two daughters aged 11 and 12, one of whom has a physical disability, Victoria was drawn to the company’s commitment to creating inclusive learning environments.

Erin Fletter, the CEO and founder of Sticky Fingers Cooking, is thrilled to welcome Victoria as a new franchise owner. Erin says, “I grew up in North County San Diego, specifically Encinitas, and I'm thrilled and honored to welcome Victoria to our team. She’s a capable and passionate business leader and just the person to bring SFC to life in my beloved hometown!”

Whether you are an educator looking to expand your horizons or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking a rewarding home-based business opportunity, we invite you to explore the possibilities with Sticky Fingers Cooking®!


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