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Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6, 2024 by Emily Moore

Teacher Appreciation Week: A Time to Say "Thank You"

  • Why did the teacher eat the homework? Because she heard it was a piece of cake!
  • Why did the teacher wear sunglasses in class? Because his students were so bright!
  • What’s a math teacher’s favorite season? Summer!

National Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first full week of May. It’s a great time to acknowledge the hard work teachers do every day to nurture and guide the next generation. Teachers continuously rise to meet new challenges with unwavering dedication, ensuring every child receives the support and learning they deserve.

The annual Educator Confidence Report​​​​​​​, surveys a broad spectrum of U.S. educators on key issues, including job satisfaction. The 2023 survey revealed that teachers’ sense of well-being and job satisfaction are slightly higher compared to the pandemic years. But as they continue to work hard to catch students up academically and support their social-emotional needs, their job-related stress remains high. As these hardworking educators navigate ongoing pressures, they could use some encouragement and support! What’s a parent to do?

1.     Trust and Support Teachers 
  • Trust in teachers’ professionalism and expertise just as you'd trust another professional with comparable credentials.
  • Support your child’s education by reading with them and to them, practicing math facts together, and working with them on how to manage their time and keep track of assignments. Supporting your child in these ways makes a teacher’s job much easier!
  • Stay informed of what’s happening in your child’s classroom, school, and district by reading newsletters and emails, participating in school activities, and communicating with other parents.
  • Donate to your child’s classroom. Donations of time, school supplies, and/or money are often appreciated. For financial donations, consider DonorsChoose which allows you to donate directly to public school classroom projects all over the U.S!
2.     Advocate for Teachers 
  • Vote/speak your mind by participating in local elections, attending school board meetings, and lobbying local and state representatives for policies that benefit teachers and improve the education system.
  • Amplify your voice by raising awareness among friends, family, and community members about voting for education-friendly candidates and engaging with campaigns that prioritize education and better conditions for teachers. 
3.     Write to Your Child’s Teacher(s)
  • Every teacher I know says that their favorite gift from a child is a personal note. When you take the time to help your child write a note, it shows that you have taken the time to think about them. Ask your child what they appreciate about their teachers. I guarantee you’ll learn something about the teacher and your child!​​​​​​​
  • While you’re at it, send your own personal note of thanks. Tell teachers, specifically, what you appreciate about them. Has a teacher inspired your child? Helped them to work harder? Helped them become more confident? Tell them! And if you’re more of an email person than a handwritten-note person, great! Send a quick email and CC the principal, too!
  • But wait, what’s that? Some organized parents mobilized everyone to give a class gift? That’s awesome – good for them! If that organized parent happens to be you, good for you, it’s so terrific that you’re doing that! But go ahead and write a personal note anyway – it matters. And if yours is a family that likes to show appreciation with treats, Oatmeal Lace Cookies are always a winner!
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