Sticky Notes - The Magic of Shared Family Meals
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The Magic of Shared Family Meals

January 17, 2024 by Emily Moore

Unveiling the Enchantment of Shared Family Meals!

  • What do you call a cheese that isn't yours at the family dinner table? Nacho cheese!
  • Why don't skeletons join family dinners? Because they don't have the stomach for it!

Have you ever noticed the magic that unfolds around the dinner table? Something extraordinary happens amid the clatter of cutlery and the aroma of home-cooked food. Conversations bloom, memories are forged, and connections deepen. The dining table becomes a platform for sharing, understanding, and, above all, bonding.

Nourishing More Than Bodies

Obviously, at Sticky Fingers Cooking we’re all BIG fans of nourishing food. We also know that eating together allows children to learn about different foods, flavors, and the cultural heritage these meals represent. And it’s a chance to nurture children’s social and emotional growth. 

Tip: Try to keep meals predictable and regular. Aim for at least one meal a day, roughly the same time, and let everyone know in advance. This creates a rhythm that children can look forward to.

Serving Up Life Skills

Children unconsciously pick up invaluable skills as they observe, participate, and engage. Table manners, patience, turn-taking, and gratitude are all practiced and learned at the dinner table. It’s a great place to model and discuss healthy eating habits, fostering a positive relationship with food that can last a lifetime.

Tip: Involve children in age-appropriate cooking tasks (here’s a helpful guide). Kids can set the table, stir a dish, or even help with chopping. Besides keeping kids occupied, it makes them feel important, valued, and part of the process.

A Recipe for Conversation

Dinnertime is an excellent time for children to voice their thoughts, feelings, and day-to-day experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Doing so not only boosts their self-esteem but also enhances their communication skills. Studies show that children significantly benefit from dinner conversation, enriching their vocabulary more than any other activity (including reading!)

Tip: Encourage open-ended questions at the dinner table. Instead of asking “How was your day?” ask, “What was the best part of your day?” Asking questions in this way invites more engagement and sharing. (See here for suggestions on jump-starting table conversation!)

Strengthening Bonds, One Bite at a Time

Last, shared meals cultivate a strong sense of belonging and security. The simple act of eating together can fortify family bonds, creating a network of support that your children can rely on. Research from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior published in 2019 found that family meals improve family cohesion, leading to better emotional well-being and positive social outcomes.

Tip: Make shared meals a tech-free zone. The absence of phones, tablets, or TV encourages everyone to connect more deeply. 

Remember, there’s no ‘perfect’ family meal. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, and it doesn’t even have to be at a table. What matters most is the warmth, love, and connection passed around with each shared meal.

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