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Recipe: Quick Whipped Butters

Recipe: Quick Whipped Butters

Quick Whipped Butters

by Erin Fletter
Photo by (stockcreations/shutterstock)
prep time
cook time
4-6 servings

Fun-Da-Mentals Kitchen Skills

  • chop :

    to cut something into small, rough pieces using a blade.

  • knife skills :

    Bear Claw (growl), Pinch, Plank, and Bridge (look out for trolls)

  • measure :

    to calculate the specific amount of an ingredient required using a measuring tool (like measuring cups or spoons).

  • stir :

    to mix together two or more ingredients with a spoon or spatula, usually in a circle pattern, or figure eight, or in whatever direction you like!

  • zest :

    to scrape off the outer colored part of a citrus fruit's rind (skin or peel) using a metal tool with small sharp blades, such as a zester, microplane, or the small holes of a grater (avoid the "pith," the white, spongy lining of the rind that can be bitter).

Equipment Checklist

  • Cutting board + kid-safe knife
  • Zester (or grater with small zesting plate/side)
  • Measuring spoons
  • Stand or handheld electric mixer (or food processor)


Quick Whipped Butters

  • Sweet butter:
  • 1/2 stick butter (or 1/4 C)
  • suggested sweet add-ins!
  • 1 tsp sugar/maple syrup/honey + or more to taste
  • try one or more combos or make up your own:
  • brown sugar + cinnamon or pumpkin spice
  • orange zest + dried cranberries
  • cocoa powder + more sugar + peppermint extract or minced fresh mint
  • honey + vanilla extract
  • strawberries + orange zest
  • Savory butter:
  • 1/2 stick butter (or 1/4 C)
  • suggested savory add-ins!
  • 1/4 tsp salt + more to taste
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper
  • try one or more combos or make up your own:
  • fresh chives + parsley + lemon zest
  • Parmesan cheese + fresh basil + fresh sweet corn
  • lemon + capers
  • chopped tomato + basil


Quick Whipped Butters

divide + zest + chop

Divide 1 stick of soft butter in half. Choose your ingredients and divide them into "sweet" and "savory" categories. Then zest any citrus fruit you've chosen and chop any veggies, fruit, or herbs you've chosen.

measure + add + whip

To your sweet butter, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and any other sweet additions you've chosen. To your savory butter, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt or more to taste, 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper, and any savory additions you've chosen. Whip the butters separately until all ingredients are combined, then serve with warm Pancakes!

History of Butter!

Photo by Felicity Tai
  • First churned at least 4,000 years ago, butter became an essential food. As the story goes, it all began one hot day when a Nomad tied a pouch of milk to his horse's neck and later found the heat and jostling had churned the milk into a tasty yellow product. 
  • Before butter became exclusively used as food, people used it as money.
  • For years, butter was only made at home by mixing cream in a container to form butter lumps. Then, as the butter became thicker, the liquid buttermilk was drawn off, and the butter was washed and removed. 
  • Butter churns evolved from skin pouches to earthenware pots that would be rocked, shaken, or swung with whole milk or cream inside to separate the fat. 
  • Eating butter increases the absorption of other nutrients in foods. Because butter is made from milk or cream, it has more nutritional benefits than margarine, a butter-like spread made from vegetable oils. In addition, butter has been around for centuries, where margarine has been around for less than 200 years.

Lettuce Joke Around

Don't ask me to tell you that joke about butter. 

I refuse to spread it.

The Yolk's On You

My friend hurt herself while making butter on her farm. 

It was an unfortunate churn of events.

Lettuce Joke Around

"Knock, knock!"

"Who’s there?"

"Butter. Butter who?"

"I butter not tell you!"

The Yolk's On You

My brother threw a stick of butter at me! 

How dairy?!

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