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Pasta 201: A Master Chef Pasta & Sauce Making Course

Pasta 201: A Master Chef Pasta & Sauce Making Course

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Class Dates: 05/01/2023, 05/08/2023, 05/15/2023
Important Information

In Pasta 201, young chefs will learn to make pasta FROM SCRATCH!

Week 1: Imperfectly Perfect Pappardelle + Awesome Savory Sauces

Week 2: Not-Your-Grandma's Gnocchi + Super Simple Basil Pesto + Lemony Basil Gnocchi Soup

Week 3:  STUFFED Pasta: Ridiculously Delicious Ricotta Ravioli + Savory Cauliflower Kugel 

Chefs are not required to have taken Pasta 101 to take this class! This is for chefs from ages 6-12. (Younger chefs might need adult supervison with stove.)


Come cook up some fun with us!


All recipes and shopping lists will be emailed a week before class, if you have any questions please email

Class Theme Details

Cooking 201: Online Cooking Class

Calling all budding Master Chefs! Our 201 cooking courses are a series of classes designed to expand your COOL'inary knowledge and skills. Get ready to push your creative limits as we dive into new recipes together. These classes are for children and young adults eager to learn how to master the art of scratch cooking and creating your own recipes. Let's turn your culinary eduation up a notch!

Types of sessions include: Pastas & Sauces from Scratch, Quick Bread Baking, Desserts (Pastry Chef Prep) and cuisines from various regions around the world!

- - - 

Please note that depending on your child's age and ability, adult assistance may be required during class.

Recipes will be shared with you before class including a shopping list. Please have all equipment and ingredients ready to go when class begins!


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