Denver Public Library @ Ross-Barnum Branch (August 2024) - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Denver Public Library @ Ross-Barnum Branch (August 2024)

Denver Public Library @ Ross-Barnum Branch (August 2024)

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Denver Public Library- Ross Barnum Branch
3570 W. 1st Ave
Denver, CO, 80219
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Class Dates: 08/17/2024
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Get ready to sprinkle some excitement into your Library Branch! Our Sticky Fingers Cooking classes are the perfect recipe for fun, serving up a delightful mix of tasty, nutritious dishes that your little chefs will love to prepare and gobble up. With a dash of S.T.E.A.M., a pinch of culture, and a generous helping of language learning, our experienced Chef Instructors will ensure your kids are fully prepped for a culinary adventure.

Worried about allergies? Don’t fret! We stir the pot with care, ensuring all our plant-forward, nut-free recipes are tailored to accommodate every dietary need. Dive into our smorgasbord of weekly recipes that change faster than a fruit ripens, promising a buffet of culinary exploration that lasts all school year. Your community kids won’t ever repeat a recipe from appetizers to desserts, keeping their taste buds and brains equally engaged.

So, tie on those aprons and get ready to WHISK away to a world of culinary creativity. Our cooking classes are set for all ages to MIX up some magic and KNEAD the way to delicious global discoveries. And remember, our menu is as dynamic as our imagination, subject to change based on our creative zest!

Join us to CHOP and SIMMER your way through the school year. Let’s savor the sweet taste of learning and cook up some unforgettable memories together!


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