Sticky Notes - Let's Celebrate! Spring
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Let's Celebrate! Spring

March 23, 2022 by Emily Moore

You can't have too much of a good SPRING.

When it comes to fresh produce, we're big fans of eating with the seasons.

Buying local, seasonal produce supports our local farming communities PLUS the food itself tends to be fresher, tastier, and more nutritious! The advent of spring brings fresh flavors and bright colors to revive our winter-dulled senses (think: snappy asparagus, tart rhubarb, and vibrant citrus!) Ahhhh, springtime, we are SO ready for you! 

Do you follow the Healthy Family Project? I love their reminders of what’s in season each month. 

Perusing what’s in season for March, it strikes me that we tend to hear a lot of buzz about Spring vegetables (which are delicious!) but we hear very little about Spring fruit. Let’s turn that around, shall we?

Why not make a dessert board that showcases seasonal spring fruits? Include the stars of the season: apple, pear, banana, orange, mango, and kiwi. Kids LOVE to help select, prepare and arrange fruits for the board. And want to know a Sticky Fingers Cooking secret? Kids love to dip! Go ahead and serve up creamy vanilla dipping sauce alongside the fruit slices.

Taste more flavors of the season with these Sticky Fingers Cooking favorites:

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