Wee Scottish Rhubarb Cream Cheese "Bridie" Hand Pies + Sticky Orange Glaze + Mandarin Orange Fizz

Summer’s officially here (even if it hasn’t felt like it here in Colorado!) and kids are itching to get outside, play with their friends, stay up late, and run freely. Seems like we’re ALL itching for a change, and we’re so close - can you feel it too?! Stikcy Fingers Cooking is currently hosting our summer camp programs along with our after school classes. Our Chicago after school cookimg classes are still in full swing!

Let’s sweeten the deal this week with delicious and fruity hand-held pies stuffed with cream cheese and hot, bubbly rhubarb. Rhubarb is awesome because it can be used in savory or sweet applications. Sour, fibrous, and stringy when raw, rhubarb transforms into the most delicious pie filling when mixed with sugar and cooked. A super hardy plant, rhubarb is perennial and grows prolifically around this time of the year. Until just this week, we thought we were making “Birdie” hand pies for June’s sweet recipe! It wasn’t until I started researching the history that I found out their true name, and the fun story of the woman behind it. Our Bridie Pies are pint-sized, but oh-so-delicious just the same.


BRIDIE hand pies come originally from Forfar, a county town in Scotland. WEE means “tiny” or “small.” The story goes that the pie is named after a woman who traveled and sold her hand pies about 200 years ago - her name was Margaret Bridie. She created her pies and traveled 6 miles with them from her village to the town of Forfar to sell them at markets. People LOVED them, and referred to them as Bridies because of it.  Bridie pies are similar to pasties, which were made famous during the era of Tin Mining in Cornwall, England. Workers would carry these pies in their lunch tins - they were convenient, filling, and tasty. Traditional bridies AND pasties are made with a mixture of meat and vegetables. Hand pies are meant to be convenient, portable, and hand-held (hence their name!)

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui   

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