Sticky Notes - Back-to-School: Secrets to Kids’ Confidence, Skills, and Happy Meals
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Back-to-School: Secrets to Kids’ Confidence, Skills, and Happy Meals

August 23, 2023 by Emily Moore

Back-to-School Blog Roundup

With school back in session many parents and caregivers are on the hunt for resources to help ensure their children have a smooth transition. In the interest of nurturing well-rounded, confident kids in and out of the kitchen, we’ve hand-picked some of our top posts for back-to-school success!

Stirring the Heart: Cooking and Social-Emotional Development

Plunge into the world of cooking and the profound impact it can have on a child’s social-emotional growth. From cultivating confidence to fostering love and kindness, these posts will guide you in nurturing emotional development through the art of cooking. 

Simmering Success: Cooking and Academic Skill-Building

Merge the kitchen and the classroom with our posts highlighting how cooking can promote academic success. Whether it’s math, literacy, or STEAM, these articles uncover the educational side of every delicious dish.

Quick Bites: Smart Strategies for Feeding a Family

Tackle the everyday challenge of feeding your family with our best practical tips and tricks. These posts will help simplify mealtime routines, ensure healthier eating habits, and even empower your kids to pitch in!

And back-to-school season also means we’ve got a brand-new, exciting lineup of after-school enrichment classes – reserve your spot today!

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