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Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

November 16, 2022 by Emily Moore

Oh my gourd, it's almost Thanksgiving! 

  • Can I tell you a vegan joke? I promise it won’t be cheesy.

Quick Refresher: Vegetarian diets exclude animal meat (beef, pork, poultry, and, for some, fish, and seafood as well). Vegan diets exclude everything that’s derived from animals – meat, eggs, dairy, and – depending on who you ask – honey. 

Due to a variety of factors, the popularity of plant-based diets is on the rise. A Kansas State University survey that tracks U.S. consumer preferences, views, and demand for meat recently estimated that roughly 10% of Americans over the age of 18 follow a vegetarian or vegan diet

If you’re welcoming vegetarians and/or vegans to your table this Thanksgiving and wondering what to serve, we’ve gathered up some recipes that will likely be a hit with everyone!

Vegetarian and/or Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas:
Classic Cranberry Sauce (Vegan & Vegetarian)

Traditional Classic Cranberry Sauceis inherently vegan. It’s effortlessly easy to make, so kids often can prepare it with minimal supervision, and – bonus – you can make it days in advance. Eat, drink, and cranberry!

Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes (Vegan & Vegetarian)

This twist-on-a-classic dish is so delicious that I’m bringing it to Thanksgiving even though we won’t be dining with vegetarians or vegans this year! To amp up the flavor, I recommend topping these Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes with more fresh rosemary or thyme just before serving.

Challah, Mushroom & Celery Stuffing (Vegetarian, not Vegan)

Due to the butter and the challah, this Challah, Mushroom & Celery Stuffing recipe is not meant for vegans. But it’s a crowd-pleaser among vegetarians and one of my family’s favorites due to its eggy richness. I recommend adding lots of fresh parsley at the end!

Mashed Sweet Potato Truffles (Vegan & Vegetarian)

These Mashed Sweet Potato Truffles truffles contain remarkably few ingredients and are easy and fun for kids to make! They’ll also enjoy choosing their favorite truffle toppings - sprinkles, cocoa powder, crushed nuts, or whatever their imaginative minds can dream up!

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