Sticky Notes - Recipes Kids Can Make for Super Bowl LVIII!
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Recipes Kids Can Make for Super Bowl LVIII!

February 1, 2024 by Emily Moore
  • What dessert do they serve at the Super Bowl? Sunday Sundaes!
  • Why did the potato chip go to the Super Bowl? Because it wanted to get in on the “crunch” time action!
  • What kind of tea do they serve football players at the Super Bowl? Penaltea!
  • Why did the potato chip go to the Super Bowl? Because it wanted to get in on the “crunch” time action!

Who's ready for Super Bowl LVIII?! We are, and we’ve curated a winning lineup of healthy, kid-friendly recipes that are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, whether you’re rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers. Sticky Fingers Cooking has your back! Our recipes are designed with kids in mind, ensuring they can actively participate in the cooking process, fostering a love for food and cooking. Plus, if your little one has recently taken a cooking class with Sticky Fingers Cooking, they might even recognize some of their favorites! 

Chili-Rubbed Butternut Squash Quesadillas with DIY Tortillas – Let your young chef create a delicious cheesy filling with their choice of vegetables and whole wheat tortillas – it’s a great way to sneak in some veggies while enjoying the game!

Thyme for Olive Tapenade – No Super Bowl spread is complete without a dip (and we don’t mean your goofy uncle!). This Mediterranean-inspired recipe has the power to change olive-dislikers into olive lovers – it’s a real game-changer! 

Puff Puff the Nigerian Doughnuts – Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Nigerian Puff Puffs might just become your family’s new favorite. But who’s keeping score?

Crunchy Bean Flauta Bites – Flauta bites are a hit with kids of all ages and are guaranteed to disappear faster than you can say “touchdown!”

Want more options? Explore our online recipe box! Just search “snack recipes” and you’ll find a treasure trove of kid-friendly snacks just right for the big game. 

This year, make the Super Bowl a memorable day filled with delicious food prepared by your little MVPs! Enjoy the game, relish the food, and cherish the time spent together as a family. And if your kiddo has found their groove in the kitchen, keep that (foot)ball rolling with our growing collection of Sticky Fingers Cooking’s cookbooks!  

Go Chiefs! Go 49ers! And Go Young Chefs!!


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