Sticky Notes - Steer Clear of the Sniffles: A Roundup on Boosting Kids’ Health During Cold Season
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Steer Clear of the Sniffles: A Roundup on Boosting Kids’ Health During Cold Season

January 10, 2024 by Emily Moore

Our Methods To Boost Kids' Health During Cold Season!

  • Why did the yogurt go to the art exhibition? Because it was cultured!
  • Why did the bread go to the doctor? It was feeling a little crumb-y!

Laughter is a great immune booster, but when it comes to keeping our kids healthy during the cold season, it’s time to get serious. So, today we’re sharing our most popular posts on strengthening your child’s immunity. Keep reading for ideas on how to guide your kiddo toward conscious, deliberate choices that harness the power of food to maintain health.

Get ready to nourish your family’s health with nutritious recipes that kids love!

Tummy health influences everything from the strength of a kiddo’s immune system to their general mood. Learn what foods help it thrive!

Here’s a fun way to encourage the whole family to sample the rainbow of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.  

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