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Breakfasts Beyond Pancakes

June 28, 2023 by Emily Moore

Morning Delights: Exploring Breakfasts Beyond Pancakes!

It may be hard to believe, but there may come a time in your child’s culinary journey when they’ve mastered the art of making pancakes. When that moment arrives and your little chef is ready to shake out their apron and try making something new, it’s helpful to have some exciting ideas up your sleeve. Naturally, we have suggestions!

For kids who want to stick with the skillet cooking, our Mexican Tortilla Churro French Toast fits the bill, offering a fun twist on the familiar – cinnamon, sugar, and tortillas! 

If your aspiring chef is ready to tackle the oven, I’d recommend our “Guggy Eggs” Omelettes. Made in a muffin pan, these adorable egg bites are tasty, fun, and portable! Kids always enjoy customizing them with their favorite ingredients. Plus, they’re easy to make in batches and freeze for lunchboxes!

For a combination of preparation skills and oven practice, you really can’t go wrong with Cowboy Bell Pepper Baked Breakfast Hash. Your kiddo gets to hone their knife skills by chopping fresh peppers and onions while preparing a healthy, hearty breakfast that the whole family will enjoy!

Last but not least, we have our go-to recipe for budding blenders: Honey Lemon Yogurt Smoothies. Together with your child, you can practice assembling the blender, ensuring the lid is secure, and reviewing other safety practices. Your child can then confidently add ingredients like creamy bananas, sweet honey, and tangy lemon juice while learning to control the blending speed and duration to achieve the perfect smoothie consistency. 

For more kid-friendly breakfast recipes that spark joy and build kids’ skills in the kitchen, visit!

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