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Fruity Turnovers on a Stick + Vanilla Steamers

Recipe Ketch-up!

These fruity turnovers on a stick with iced vanilla steamers are the perfect (healthy-ish) back-to-school breakfast pastry, and they're sweet enough to eat for dessert too! 

My daughters beg for us to make these together on Saturday mornings, and I usually oblige. Well, because they're just SO darn tasty! The smell that fills your kitchen while cooking these scrumptious turnovers is absolutely heavenly.  This is a GREAT busy family recipe... It is quick and easy, and better yet - You can make as many as you want and POP them in the freezer to bake anytime. They toast up even better baked straight from the freezer! 

I also made this recipe flexible to work with any fruit your kids choose because it is FUN to create your own winning combinations! (and food on a stick is always a good idea) The iced vanilla steamer is a kid-friendly latte, that the entire family can enjoy! 

Happy + Healthy Cooking - Erin, Food-Geek-In-Chief

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