Have you heard of the rock-and-roll band that every baker in town talks about? They call themselves The Rolling SCONES

What did baker give to his mom for her birthday? FLOURS

What’s the fastest cake in the world? A s’cone! (it’s gone)

What do you call a sad raspberry? A BLUEberry

What do you call a raspberry that uses foul language? BERRY rude

What do you call a berry that gets stepped on? Toe Jam

Most things in life are more or less similar to baking cakes... Just roll with them! We’ve found that making scones is one of the easiest recipes to create with kids. Little easy biscut cakes. What we love about this scone recipe is that it doesn’t require any amount of perfection to still turn out great. The kids are so proud of their work, and by the time they slap a little sweet cream and homemade jam onto them, they will KNOW that their scone taste the best! And they would be right.

So ROLL WITH IT! If when measuring a cup of flour with your kids and it is slightly over or under full or if it looks like they are overworking the dough (keep in mind that their hands are lighter than ours)... just don’t fret: give them some creative space and see how they do.

Our “coolinary confidence” classes are just that: we give a base recipe for kids to follow. From there, they get to flex their creativity muscles and choose their own additions based on the add in's they choose themselves. Your Sticky Fingers Cooking kids LOVE our “coolinary confidence” classes at their schools; when they get to have some freedom in creating what they want. Why not try it at home too? Focus on creativity and FUN with your kids with making the scones, whipping the cream, preparing the kid cappuccinos and creating winter fruit jams. It's all a glorious symphony of comforting winter flavors. And remember... JUST ROLL WITH IT!

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui      

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