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Mighty Mongolian Fried Rice + Cumin Frizzled Onions + Warm Mongolian Cinnamon Milk Tea

Mongolia is another country we are featuring newly in Sticky Fingers, and we chose spices as our featured ingredient to take our young chefs on their culinary journey across the world in our classes this week. It would be such fun to have our students close their eyes and visualize traveling by sea to the Spice Islands, as explorers did hundreds and hundreds of years ago. They told stories of smelling cloves in the air while sailing the seas in search of the origin of these commodities. Have you noticed how kids love to see, smell, touch, and taste their way through cooking? Through life, really.

Spices are a wonderful way to emphasize how our sense of smell enhances our skills in the kitchen because we can get a sense of what food will taste like by the scent of our raw ingredients.

How many spices can your kids name? How many can they identify from in your own kitchen at home? It’s up to you and your family to choose which spices you use in your Mongolian Fried Rice. Make it your own. We’ve deliberately chosen to forego soy sauce in this recipe because, albeit delicious, it will overpower the delicacy of the spice blend and we want your family to experience the taste of whatever combinations you choose!    

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief & Chef Jacqui               

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