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Happy Herb Rice Dolmas + Lucky Lemon Vinaigrette  + Rad Raita Dip + Great Greek Yogurt Shakes

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

To whoever invented dolmas, "That was a GRAPE idea!" The Dolma is a Mediterranean snack of pickled grape leaves stuffed with delicious fillings, often snacked on alongside grilled meats or fish and a myriad of salads, feta cheese, and fresh vegetables. The Dolma exists in many different forms throughout the Mediterranean. It's the type of dish that can change and match the foods naturally growing around where you live; it is versatile! Stuffing can commonly include: meat, tomato, mushroom, rice, legumes, dried fruit, cheese, you name it, someone has probably put it in a Dolma. 

Did you know?

For our Sticky Fingers Cooking recipe, we'll focus on preparing two kinds of Dolma with kids: the Greek Dolma, which consists of grape leaves filled with loads of herbs and rice, and the Turkish Dolma, which consists of green, leafy cabbage wrapped around rice, fresh herbs, spices, and a traditional tomato-based sauce to add some flavor. Jarred grape leaves can be challenging to find at every store out there, but it's worth it. A grape leaf is soft and pliable, whereas the cabbage will be a bit stiff and needs a bit of soaking to loosen up. Both recipes are equally delicious in a unique way that is specific to the region they come from. 

Time to cook up a majestic, Mediterranean meal! Today's menu: Greek Hero Herbaceous Rice Dolmas with a drizzle of Rad Raita Dip and a Greek Yogurt Lemon Smoothie on the side! Let's get to it! 

CHEERS in Greek: “YIA MAS!” (Yee-AH moss)

Happy Cooking! -- Chef Dylan & Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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