Kid-friendly JANUARY 2020: Japanese Lucky Ginger Banana Rice Pudding + Fried Banana Bits + Ginger Green Tea Lattes Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking




What is the noisiest spice? Ginger SNAP

Where do Sticky Fingers Cooking chefs live? In gingerbread houses, of course

Why must you be careful of tea at night? 
Because it might MUG you

Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang around in BUNCHES

Moshi Moshi ("hello" in Japanese)... What could be better on a chilly day in January than a warm bowl of comforting rice pudding?! It might not be the first thing you think of when you think “warm and cozy winter foods,” but maybe it should be. We didn’t realize just how POPULAR rice pudding is around the globe - from the UK to Japan to Iraq to Mexico; nearly every country has some version or other of this delicious treat, and we want to try them all. In fact, that would make a great cookbook, don’t you think? “Around the World with Rice Pudding”

Ginger and banana are a match made in heaven, especially when the bananas are chopped up finely and caramelized, and the ginger is grated fresh. Your kid chefs will have fun this week brainstorming ways to peel a piece of fresh ginger root. We’ve found the easiest way is to use a metal spoon, but it requires a little dexterity. See what they can come up with - the more creative the idea, the better. We don’t want them to actually TRY their idea; we just want them to think of their own fun, creative ways (and we’d love to hear what they say!). Have kid chefs guess where ginger grows best (tropical regions) and be sure to tell them the health benefits of this pungent, spicy rhizome. An upset tummy can be made right with a strong cup of ginger tea! Apparently banana peels rubbed on the forehead can also help a headache, but we’ve yet to test this claim.

HAPPY 2020! Healthy + Happy Cooking - Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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