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Hello: “Nee haoww” 你好  Spring rolls are a popular Chinese New Year treat, as a food that resembles gold bars and wealth and is seen to bring luck and prosperity to those who eat them. They were invented to make use of new spring vegetables and eaten on the first day of spring to ward off disaster and evil spirits. We read, too, that every culture has developed a food that wraps meat or vegetables in some kind of dough, grain, or similar wrapper. The reason is simple: It’s a convenient food for farmers to carry to the field, hunters to take hunting, and fishermen to take to sea. For China and many other parts of Asia, it’s Spring Rolls.
We’ve noticed throughout the years how much kids love to dip - give them a delicious dip and they’ll often be more likely to try foods that they wouldn’t otherwise. By the way, we don’t think this pertains exclusively to kids, either! That’s why we’re making a super delicious sweet and slightly hot chili dipping sauce to go with our veggie-packed spring rolls this week. Make the sauce with your kid chefs first.
We are also using the preperation of the sweet chili sauce as a lesson in science and sensory engagement this sweek. Kids love the way the ginger and ketchup smells and how the sauce thickens up with the addition of cornstarch, which we’ve been using frequently over the past couple of weeks for different reasons. This is the only “cooking” you’ll do this week - everything else is freah and served raw. While you and your kids prep the vegetables and roll the spring rolls, the sauce will have a chance to cool.
Talk to your kids about flavor combinations with mint. The minty flavor is unexpectedly exciting when paired with chili; encourage them to add pieces of mint to their spring rolls so that they can taste the combination when dipped into their Sweet Chili Sauce.
The drink is tasty, refreshing, easy and fun and it’s made with all of the same ingredients from the spring rolls - it’s a good one!
ENJOY these recipes and have fun!  CHEERS (in Cantonese: 干杯 Gānbēi or “GAN-BAY!!”)

Happy + Healthy Cooking,  Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui    

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