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Cocoa Loco Berry Buckle Cake + 3-ingredient Berry Delicious Soft Serve

+ Kid-Made Cocoa Caliente

Today we’re making cocoa berry buckle a mug!! They take 5 minutes to whisk together and only a few minutes to “bake” in the microwave. Chocolate and berries go together like 2 peas in a pod! We love this recipe because it combines modern technology with a classic, vintage recipe. We will be learning all about the history of buckle cakes. Baking recipes like these are also great opportunities to practice measuring, following sequential steps, and learning the functions behind essential baking ingredients like sugar, butter/oil, and flour and we will explore some COOL-inary Cake Science Facts as we cook together!


Hi Families! Please prep larger fruits and vegetables for younger kids (cut veggies into quarters, for example). Also: for younger kid chefs, please pre-measure, open all cans and discard the metal lids prior to class. This class requires a microwave! Makes 1-2 servings

BRAINY UP! SNACK: Kids will choose veggies and a dip to snack on before making their mug cakes:

ALLERGY SUBSTITUTIONS (for those items with a *)
* Butter: sub olive oil, coconut oil, or vegan butter alternative (we like Earth Balance)
* Milk: sub non-dairy milk such as coconut, rice, or plain soy
* Heavy whipping cream: sub coconut cream (not coconut milk)
* Yogurt/sour cream: sub non-dairy coconut or soy yogurt, or coconut cream
* All-purpose or whole wheat flour: sub gluten-free flour blend (must be a blend: pure garbanzo or rice flour will not work)
* Chocolate chips: sub allergen-friendly chocolate chips or carob


Happy & Healthy Cooking from our Kitchens to Yours: Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui


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