Many of you are already getting ready for Thanksgiving. Many kids will have the entire week off of school next week. Even for the most seasoned and passionate cooks, preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd is, nothing less than, daunting. Sticky Fingers Cooking suggests bringing your kids into the kitchen this year, too. Are we NUTS? Gone BANANAS? Lost our MINDS?

Not so fast…. Giving a child a dish to call their own and by making them an important part of this once-a-year meal, your kids will be invested as anyone else in its success. They may even help clean up! Kids love to dip and they love flatbreads (like pita, chips and tortillas)…. So how about having your kids in charge of the appetizers?

Sticky Fingers Cooking went with Greek flavors for this week. These recipes come together in a snap with very few ingredients.  Are you feeling nervous about preparing Greek food with your children? Trust us: Mediterranean inspired meals are one of the best ways to get kids in the kitchen and get your kids excited about. I would dare any kid, or your Uncle Jim, not to love this cheesey-herb goodness. (We are learning all about the health benefits of Rosemary this week as well)

These flatbreads are made on the stovetop… The dips require no cooking (just blending). So, as your Thanksgiving dinner is happily roasting away, your kids can whip up a beautiful, healthy and delicious appetizer for family and friends. We promise that your children will feel so proud to contribute to this very special dinner that is all about love, togetherness and thankfulness.  And you know that your children will be the ones successfully urging their food-picky cousins (or Uncle Jim) to try their new flatbread and feta and olive dip creation…  Win. Win. If that is not the definition of Thanksgiving, then we don't know what is.

Have fun + HAPPY THANKSGIVING + happy cooking! –Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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