Spectacular Spiced Veggie Chocolate Chili + Herb Sour Cream + Spiced Chocolate Mugs

It’s time for a chili recipe now that we’re nearly officially into winter, don’t you think? There are SO MANY versions of chili out there - and every region in the US seems to have its own version. Have you ever been to a Chili Cook-off? It’s pretty amazing to see the variations people come up with (and fun to taste them, too!) Though chili is decidedly a dish of Texas origin, the cocoa in the chili gives it a nod to Mesoamerican culture and history. Cocoa history is so interesting.

Most of us are familiar with chocolate in desserts, but not in savory dishes. When Chocolate Chili made its debut in Sticky Fingers classes a few years ago, it was a hit! So we’re bringing it back, but with a bit of twist this time. The great thing about this recipe is that it really shows how flavors are layered from start to finish. You start with oil and some aromatics: green onions and garlic. Then you add peppers and carrots. You make a spice blend with a bunch of chili seasonings - see if your kids can identify some by sight and smell. The spices cook with the veggies before the beans, tomatoes, and chocolate are added. This recipe is also the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the skill of “dicing.” Of course, imperfection is encouraged, and some kids will LOVE trying to chop up all their veggies to the same size, while other kidswill have none of it! It’s "ALLLLLLLL" good.               

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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