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Shanghai Stir-Fried Chunky Noodles + Sautéed Bok Choy+ Green Tea Shakes

Happy Chinese New Year!  In Cantonese you say: “Gong Hey Fat Choy” it means HAPPY NEW YEAR (literally it means “wishing you to enlarge your wealth.”)

My hope is that our Sticky Fingers Cooking kids will learn our delicious Chinese recipe and cook this dish for their family and friends all year long. Keep the celebration going.  Eating long noodles with your friends and family for the new year is considered good luck and will ensure happiness. This is because, in Chinese, the words for the face (miàn) and noodle (mein) sound the same, it eventually came to be that people ate long noodles to symbolize a long face and therefore a longer life.  

This recipe is everything that I LOVE about preparing and eating food with kids … It brings together food, fun, family, tradition, and history wrapped up into a beautiful and healthy bowl of steaming noodles….  My husband and I always order Shanghai Noodles for our kids when we eat out at Chinese restaurants. Our kids would immediately devour those noodles, ignoring everything else on the table. These noodles are very addictive. This is a super easy dish to make, with only a few ingredients. It’ll be done and on the table within 15-20 minutes. I assure you that everyone in your family will love it. If you’re not a vegetarian/vegan, simply add your favorite meats into the dish.

美味 Měiwèi - "yummy" in mandarin Chinese Happy + Healthy Cooking – Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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