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Food Allergy Substitution Guide for Parents by Sticky Fingers Cooking 

Most Common Food Allergens

As you know, all of us at Sticky Fingers Cooking take children's food allergies/Food issues very seriously... We welcome ALL kids to join our classes. We strive to keep all of our Sticky Fingers Cooking kids happy, healthy, and safe!

As we say before all of our cooking classes: "We CAN and WILL accommodate ANY and ALL food allergies." And we mean it!

We think that a cooking class where you could not eat and enjoy what you just prepared at the end of class would be.... well, totally lame!

Sticky Fingers Cooking has all sorts of fun tricks up our chef hats when it comes to food substitutions for our recipes. We thought it was high time that we shared some of the magic with you to use at home (while cooking with your kids of course!)

Happy + Healthy Cooking,
Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

*A big thank you to Sticky Fingers Chef Shelley who put this all together for us... Not only is she great with her Sticky Fingers Cooking kids, but she is also a wonderful whole food nutritionist.  

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