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Sweet Quinoa Pancakes+ Fruity-liscous Salsa + Fun Fruit Salad Frosties

We love pancakes, and we love quinoa. Chef Radha came up with the idea of Quinoa Pancakes, and this week’s recipe was born! (Thanks, Chef Radha!)... Your kids will have a blast mixing, measuring, and chopping while preparing this fun and interactive pancake recipe!

My girls think I LOVE quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”) because when it was first discovered, it was named “the mother grain.” Yes, I am proud to be a mother myself, but these are the real reasons I love quinoa: It has a higher nutritional profile and cooks faster than all grains; it contains all eight essential amino acids to make it a complete protein (as much as milk!), It is high in B vitamins, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and Vitamin E, It is gluten-free PLUS It is A GREAT low glycemic food for my daughter with Type 1 Diabetes!  Oh, and because it cooks in 15 minutes. What mother wouldn’t love that?

When I began incorporating  quinoa into our family meals, I called it “pirate princess’s gold.” I let my girls wear all their fancy pirate/princess outfits to dinner and told them a story about how the Inca pirates in South America considered it gold because it was so nutritious and gave them so much energy. Honestly, you could name anything that would get your child’s attention. My pasta-loving kids happily gobbled it up again when I renamed it “baby pasta" at another meal.

PS: For those of you who live or work with preschoolers, there is a VERY favorite song called “ Fruit Salad Salsa”… By The Laurie Berkner Band. We happen to have the CD on auto-repeat in our car. I get this song stuck in my head too many times, hence the topping for the pancakes this week!

Happy + Healthy Cooking - Erin

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