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Cheesy Corny Queso Family FUNdido + Kid-Invented Salsa + Jazzed Up Savory Chips

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Queso Fundido {KAY-so FUN-dito} is one of my all-time favorite food indulgences. It translates to “molten cheese” or “flamed cheese”. Its recipe origin can be traced back to the Vaquero (Mexican cowboys) campfire cookouts in Northern Mexico. They would melt cheese, various vegetables, and spices in a cast-iron skillet over a campfire and eat with tortillas. Now, that's my kind of cookout.

Growing up in North San Diego, my family and I would go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant along the coast for special occasions… (the now long-gone) Taco Auctioneers in Del Mar. Queso Fundidio was always ordered first before we even sat down. I have very fond memories of the ooey-gooey queso fundido wrapped around a fresh tortilla with the juices running down my arm. 

This queso fundido recipe is prepared with corn and fresh tomatoes and is super easy to make and can be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled depending on the size of your family. You can add just about anything your family likes on top of the Queso Fundido. It's completely customizable. Just use our recipe as a guide. Alongside a basket of kid-made spiced tortillas and kid-invented salsa —this Queso Fundito will please ANY crowd and is perfect for sharing. Whip up a bowl with your hungriest kids and watch it get devoured. Just make sure to leave time for a siesta afterward. ​​​​​​​

“¡Hasta Luego!” Happy + Healthy Cooking - Erin

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