Kid-friendly 7 News Denver & History Colorado Center: Cool Colorado Melon Peach Poke Bowls + Steamed Rice + Wondrous Watermelon Soda for Colorado Day! Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Denver 7 News & History Colorado Center  COLORADO DAY 2019!

Cool Colorado Melon Peach Poke Bowls + Steamed Rice + Wondrous Watermelon Soda

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Colorado Day at History Colorado Center is an annual at the museum, filled with crafts, activities, crafts, vendors, artists, and actors throughout the museum, like a one day festival. Sticky Fingers Cooking has been asked to host a hands on cooking demonstration for all of the kids, so please, come and cook up some fun with us at History Colorado Center! 

What are Colorado Poke Bowls? 

In our great state of Colorado, with all of the bounty of fresh produce.... Sticky Fingers Cooking loves to take any opportunity to incorporate cooking, kids, and delicious healthy food with Colorado History! We wanted to put a fun twist on savory Hawaiian poke bowls (see below) that highlights our famous Colorado Rocky Ford Cantaloupes, Colorado Wildflower Honey, Colorado Watermelons and our Colorado Palisades Peaches... Click the PDF button below for the recipe and Enjoy!

The History of Poke! 

Poke is a classic Hawaiian pupu, or snack, and is a centuries-old tradition possibly dating as far back as the arrival of the first Hawaiians in the island chain. Back then, poke was a simple meal.  Scraps of reef fish and crisp lime, or seaweed, were mixed with crushed kook nuts and sea salt. Historians squabble over whether or not the meal was called poke then or if the name only took hold in the 1960s.  One thing is certain - poke, Hawaiian for “to cut crosswise into pieces”, is a quintessentially Hawaiian dish.

As other cultures came to the island, poke changed. Easier access to deep-water fish saw ahi replace reef fish as the most popular poke choice. The Japanese added shoyu to their poke recipes.  With time, sesame oil became a popular ingredient. Tofu, vegetables, fruits and octopus became popular alternatives to ahi.

Poke holds a fond place in the hearts of local Hawaiians. The dish is a staple of luaus, family get-togethers, tailgate parties, and any other get together filled with family, friends, and Aloha. Poke is to the islands what nachos are to the mainland - a quick, filling snack food, seen more as comfort food than a full meal.

Happy & Healthy Cooking:  Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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