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Fabuloso Avocado Street Tacos + Mexican Slaw + Cilantro Crema + Melon Agua Fresca

A few weeks ago, some of us Sticky Fingers Cooking people got into a little debate over what makes a good taco. Being from San Diego, I have certain strong ideas on this topic. Chef Kimberly, our Sticky Fingers Cooking COO, shared with us her recipe for fried avocado tacos. She grew up outside Los Angeles, which also makes her an immediate expert. Just in case you missed it: Fried. Avocado. Tacos. I really don’t need to tell you this, but Chef Kimberly won. Hands down.  

Mexico is one of my favorite places on earth. Not only do I adore so many countless people in my life that are from Mexico; I have always loved the warmth, the colors, the humanity, the humor, the connectivity, and the artistic messiness that is Mexico, herself. She is a little bit complicated with a huge zing bigger than life itself and a personality that sparkles 24/7.

Back to tacos. Tacos as a way of life isn't a joke for us at Sticky Fingers Cooking — since they are truly meant to be eaten with family and friends while outside, having fun and with lots of choice-toppings to make each tasty little pocket your very own. Summertime is here!

Honestly, making tacos with kids could not be more fun because they choose what their tacos look like. Kids LOVE that! Tacos are indeed a food group unto themselves, and making them into a meal involves having things like homemade sauces, fresh, raw vegetable slaw and a cool melon agua fresa close at hand never hurt... and is so rewarding (and still healthy). Even when frying avocados. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Enjoy the recipe this week… We sure did! We shout más tacos, por favor "more tacos please" in Spanish and Gracias, Chef Kimberly!

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