Danish Apple “Æbleskiver” Popovers + Rich Apple Butter + Sparkling Fireside Apple Punch

This is another classic recipe from the beginning days of Sticky Fingers. We’ve updated it only slightly. The first (and only other) time I (Chef Jacqui) tried Aebleskiver, I was at my best friend’s family cabin in Northern Minnesota. I think it was the middle of winter, so very cold. My friend’s mom wanted to show us her latest vintage store find: a sturdy, cast-iron pan unlike anything my friend or I had seen. She was so proud of it! This pan had perfectly spherical indentations distributed throughout the bottom, and it was HEAVY. She said, “It’s for Aebleskiver!” Whatever those were! Then she said, “Let’s make some,” as she tied an apron around her waist. So we did. It took a lot of patience to turn them just right in the pan with a long stick (like the Danish do) so that they would form into perfect round spheres. They were probably more like flying saucers, but I want to remember them as perfect spheres.

That must have been nearly twenty years ago, but I can still remember how they tasted. Pillowy and light, like a popover, but also like a pancake. Our SFC Aebleskiver don’t take quite as much time or patience, but they’re just as tasty, especially when slathered with homemade apple butter. I can’t wait to make these with my friend’s kids the next time I’m in Minnesota. We hope you love baking them with your kids just as much.       

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui        

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