Mouth-Watering East Indian Mango Cakes + MMMMMango Cardamom Fruity Frosting + Indian Mango Yogurt “Lassi”

Namaste! The weather is warming up, which feels like the perfect time to create some sweet and fruity recipes with our young chefs, don’t you think?

Mangos are so yummy on their own, and just to show how much we love them AND how versatile they are, we’re using them in all 3 of our recipes this week. We love how these mini East Indian Mango Cakes bake to a caramel color, that there’s a sneaky wild card ingredient (grated golden beet!) and the bright sunshine-hued “fruity frosting” that tops them off. Cardamom will be a new spice for many of your kid chefs - it is so prevalent in Indian cuisine and makes the Lassis extra fun and tasty!

Do you think you will bake these up at home? Ask your kids if they think mangoes need to be peeled before eaten!? Well, for THIS recipe they do, but here’s a fun fact to share with them: Kids in India squeeze ripe mangoes and bite straight through the peel without cutting them open. So Mangoes don’t need to be peeled before eaten, and they also don’t need to be ripe! Green, unripe mangoes are used in savory recipes and salads. But ripe mangoes, like these, make the best desserts.

ENJOY some sweetness and sunshine this week. It takes two to... MANGO!

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui  

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