Kid-friendly Beastly Bruschetta BOO-ffett + Trick-or-Treat Salads  + Grapefruit Mad Scientist Sodas Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Beastly Bruschetta BOO-ffett + Trick-or-Treat Chef Salads  + Ghastly Grapefruit Mad Scientist Sodas

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

We catch the Halloween spirit with Sticky Fingers Cooking way before the actual day, and we love coming up with festive recipes that make the holiday even more fun! Who doesn’t love to dress up at any age?!

We’ll make sure to keep lifting kids spirits, have some skele-FUN, and create some magic in the kitchen with these SPOOK-tacular recipes. What’s more fun than playing with your food?! Bruschetta is a blank canvas. Toast the bread and pile it high with any combination of sweet and savory ingredients. They can also be quite healthy to counteract all that Halloween candy. Kid chefs will use some of the same ingredients for their bruschetta toppings as their salads, and delight in creating their own bubbly sodas like mad scientists! How did we make those sodas bubble?

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