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Great Grecian Personal Pan Pizzas + Green Greek Salad + Honey Lemon Yogurt Smoothies

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

What better way to introduce kids to Greek food than through pizza?! Even though pizza is not traditionally Greek, the flavors and toppings very much are. Kids love to use their hands and explore by touch, and they’re going to have so much fun making their own homemade dough. It’s totally kid-friendly: soft, forgiving, and easy to bend and stretch without much kneading. The results are well-worth it. Just as important is sitting down to meals together and enjoying the company of daily and friends. Encourage your to think of ONE question they’d like everyone at the family dinner table to answer while eating. Questions open the door for exploration and meaningful conversation.

Share this about eating in Greece: The way that Greeks ate was as important as the food itself. Having a meal was not only about eating food. It was also a chance to talk and enjoy the company of family and friends. A Greek meal was an event! This is still the case in modern-day Greece, where dinner with friends and family may last for hours! And HERE is a video of Chef Erin’s girls making these greek pizzas in the Sticky Fingers Cooking test kitchen.... ENJOY!

Happy & Healthy Cooking: Chef Erin,  & Chef Jacqui


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