Kid-friendly AUGUST 2020: Italian Flag Caprese Bread Pudding + ​Basil Lime “Sorbetto” Muddler Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking


Italian Flag Caprese Bread Pudding + ​Basil Lime “Sorbetto” Muddler

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

Summer is almost over, but until then, we are eating all the tomatoes we can get our hands on! We eat a lot of salads at Sticky Fingers Cooking, and classic tomato Caprese is our absolute favorite. Most kids love it. YES – Kids can and will love salad. Salads are also a great choice to get kids involved in the kitchen. Juicy summer tomatoes, sharp vinaigrette, fresh basil, and little toasted cubes of  bread, all in a baked savory bread pudding…WAIT WHAT?

Bread Pudding is a recipe derived from sensibility. Cooks looked for a way to use up stale bread so they didn’t have to waste it - and Bread Pudding was made. We’re departing from the traditional sweet versions of the recipe to make a savory version, and appreciating the last of summer’s bounty with ripe tomatoes and basil while we’re at it. It's too good to refuse. Your Kid Chefs will learn about Italy, a bit of Italian language, and also what a caprese (kah-PREY-zay!) salad is! You can really pretend its summer all year long. Buon Appitito!

Have Fun + Happy, Healthy Cooking – Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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