We have Chef Lucy in Chicago to thank for this recipe. The inspiration comes from a fabulous Tuscan cookbook, and Lucy sent it to us with rave reviews, along with a strong suggestion to pair it with an orange yogurt glaze. Well Lucy, as you can see, we took your suggestion to heart and the results were delectable. GRAZIE.

Thanksgiving is of course the holiday of gratitude, and it provides an opportunity for us to reflect upon the foods that we include in our celebrations. Cranberries are special. They’re full of Vitamin C - did you know that American sailors used to eat cranberries to ward off scurvy? And that Native Americans used cranberries for a vast array of medicinal purposes and for making the first energy bar in history (called Pemmican)?

Tuscany and other regions of Italy are well known for polenta, but it wasn’t until corn was imported from the Americas that Italians started making polenta from cornmeal.

We love the gritty texture given by the cornmeal and how the nutty taste bumps up against the tart orange peel and cranberries. Since the cranberries are added whole, they melt a bit into the cake batter and pop! when bitten into.

Because we couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving to share this recipe with our students and families, we’re making it our Sweet recipe for first classes during November. 

With THANKS + Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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