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Exciting Eggplant Baba Ganoush + Perky Pronto Pitas + Magical Lebanese Limonana

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

I have a word—actually two words—that I just love saying: “baba ganoush.” To get the full effect, you need to say it out loud and quickly and with loads of enthusiasm. I love saying this so much that I have (almost) successfully convinced my three daughters to name our new dog baba ganoush. Although, they like the name Tahini better. True story.

The Middle East is home to an ancient cuisine; one of the oldest in the world. It is wholesome, based on the seasons, and packed with a mouthful of exotic flavors. Yet, very little is known about it besides hummus, tabouleh, and kabobs in the United States. This week, you can turn a boring after-school snack into a healthy Middle Eastern feast with this recipe for baba ganoush that has enough exotic flavor to please the family, is healthy enough for everyone to feel good about eating, and is fast and fun to prepare. In our Sticky Fingers Cooking classes this week we are learning all about the middle east, baba ganoush, eggplants, and the science behind how yeast rises (ask your child about how DOGS and YEAST are similar)….

Baba ganoush is a famous Middle Eastern eggplant dip from Lebanon. Middle Eastern lore tells the story of an elderly, toothless father (or baba) with a daughter who mashed up all of his food because he couldn’t chew it. In Arabic, Baba = father, while ganoush = pampered or spoiled. We are making PAMPERED DAD dip; which I must remember to make again for Father’s day!

The baba ganoush and the pita both are cooked on the stovetop. It's all so fast to prepare and my girls just love it. The creamy, healthy eggplant absorbs the warm aromatic spices of paprika, black pepper, mint, cumin, and tangy lemon juice. This dish is perfect for a big family lunch or afternoon snack. This week our aim is to try to demystify Middle Eastern food and make it more accessible to more kids and families. We want to change perceptions that Middle Eastern food is complicated and laborious (sometimes it can be) and get more families cooking together to explore the world!  This recipe is PERFECT to give Middle Eastern food a try. Bon appetite in Arabic: بالهنا

Happy + Healthy Cooking - Erin. Food-Geek-In-Chief

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