Speedy Southern Creole Okra “Gumbo” + Creole Spice Mix + Slightly Spiced Dirty Rice + Tutti Frutti Slush

  • What’s green and slimy and has its own talk show? Okrah Winfrey!
  • What state does okra come from? Okra-homa!

Our students have had plenty of practice with knife skills in our classes that your kids will be excited to showcase their skills and mince, chop, and slice their way through this week’s recipe at home: WE ARE MAKING GUMBO!


Gumbo is to New Orleans what chili is to Texas. There are countless ways to make it, but one thing’s for certain: people who know gumbo are particular about their way! Gumbo started out as a dish that was filling, cheap, and satisfying - stewed (often all day long!) from scraps of meat that weren’t going to be used elsewhere and perked up with a ton of spices. When we saw okra in stores this time last year, we got excited and made a note to to be sure to write a recipe the following year with OKRA as a Surprise Ingredient for a new recipe.


Fresh okra is appearing again in the markets, which means the weather is getting hot enough in the South to grow it. If you can’t find fresh okra, look for canned or frozen okra and use that instead. Have fun “building” these recipes with your budding chefs at home by layering flavors in the Spice Blend, the Dirty Rice, and the Speedy Southern Okra Gumbo. Layers of flavor = layers of fun!


Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui  

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